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What should I buy?

Speech Act
Excuse me is a polite expression used: Informal/Formal (to older people or to a stranger people)
  1. to attract someone’s attention:
Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the museum, please?
  1. to tell someone that you are leaving a place:
Excuse me for a moment, Mr Astaman, but I have a lunch appointment in ten minutes
  1. to say you are sorry when you hit someone accidentally, make a small mistake etc:
Oh, excuse me, did I spell your name wrong?
  1. to ask someone to repeat something that they have just said:
A : What time is it?
B : Excuse me?
A : I asked you what time it is.

Dialogue 1
Riki : Is it your book?
Jamal : Pardon?
Riki : I said is it your book?

Dialogue 2
Riki : I think you’re sitting on my jacket.
Jamal : I do beg your pardon, I didn’t know that this was your seat.
Riki : That’s all right.

People say I beg your pardon or pardon or pardon me as a very polite way of asking someone to repeat what she/he justsaid because you did not hear or understand it.
Example : Pardon, you have to talk louder, I can’t hear you. Formal (to older people or to stranger)

The expressions are also used to say that you are sorry because you have just made a mistake.
Example : I do beg your pardon, I thought you were someone else.

You use please: Informal/Formal (to older people, give polite stress or to a stranger)
1) When you want to ask for something politely:
I’d like a cup of coffee, please.
2) When politely asking to do something:
Could I speak to Brian, please?
3) When you are politely accepting an offer:
More toast?
Yes, please.
4) When requesting information:
Please, Sir, how do you spell that?

Waitress : Good afternoon. Can I help you?
Riki : Good afternoon. Yes, I’d like fried chicken with fries and a coke, please.
Waitress : Would you like a regular or large coke?
Riki : Regular, please.
Waitress : Would you like anything else?
Riki : Yes, I’d like an ice cream, please.
Waitress : What flavour would you like?
Riki : Chocolate, please.
Waitress : OK.

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